Jack Goh

Full stack Web Developer. Co-Founder of Botahead Plt.
Together, let Machine Intelligent and Bots automate repetative boring tasks.

Helping human achieve the impossible.

My Works

List of projects that I had done so far..
React, React Native, Vuejs, Django, Laravel, Keras Unity3D

TGTELM Technologies

Maintain and develop various python microservices with AWS lambda including food delivery system, e-hailing, speech recognition technology and fleet management/tracker


Employee Benefits. Recognize and reward employee with savings that help supporting employees lifestyles


Maintain current code base and ensure reliability of the application across all platform (buyer app, merchant app and backend apis)


Co-founded a Bot company, developed a Facebook auto reply bot using Django.
Our mission is to build bot with artificial intelligent to help companies to automate repetative tasks.


A deep learning experimental project. An messenger bot that classify 100 kind of Malaysian foods on user give image.

Jumper Game

A mobile game built with Unity3D. Where player is contantly boucing. To cross the finish line, player have to control the velocity and accceration by tilting their phone.


Crowdsources voting system, both questions as well as items (pictures for starters) to be voted on, and creates a ranking of the items voted on.

A NUS 2016 Hackathon project build with a team of 5 using Ruby On Rails.

Eat With Me

An Android Apps that find strangers to eat with.

A AngleHack KL 2015 project build with a team of 4.


Sharing knowledge. At the same time, overcome my fear of public speaking.

Building An Intelligent Personal Fashion Model

TensorFlow and Deep Learning Malaysia September 2017 Meetup

Building Food Classification using Deep Learning

Barcamp Cyberjaya 2017

Cyber Security

Barcamp Cyberjaya 2016

Under One Roof

MaGIC Grill or Chill Startup Pitch 2015

Awards and Volunteer Experience

Something that I glad I did it.

Startup Weekend KL 2017 2nd Runner Up

MMU Cyberjaya

Volunteer : Machine Learning Workshop DevCon Meetup #1

Magic Cyberjaya

Volunteer : NextMoney Fintech Conference

Hong Kong Payment Conference & Fintech Semi Finals

Volunteer : Operation Team, Floor Manager (2016)

Kuala Lumpur Payment Conference & Fintech Semi Finals

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